3D Printer Heatbed Aluminum

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(1)Dual power supply. Operate at 12V or 24V. You can use thinner wires when operating at 24V.
(2)A central mounting hole on the front side to allow for three point mounting. This is much easier for bed leveling in comparison to 4 point mounting. First level the side with two holes and fix in place, then level the side with one hole.
(3)Large solder pads for multiple wires (ribbon cable) or a SMD pinhead connector can be mounted.
(4)Pads for SMD thermistor 1206.
(5)With 15V on the 12V terminals will maintain approx. 115 degree Celsius without regulation.
(6)Running 24V on the 12V terminals will heat up the heatbed to 100 degree in only 2 minutes.
(7)Your printer controller will regulate the power to the heatbed in order to get your preset temperature.


(1)Material: Aluminum Plate
(2)Voltage: 12V/24V
(3)Max Temperature: 180 Degree Celsius
(4)Dimensions: 214mm x 214mm
(5)Thickness: 3mm
(6)Net Weight: 400g
(7)Color: Black

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