MK8 Remote Extruder Aluminum Frame clamp Block DIY Kit

EGP 150.00

3D Printer MK8 Remote Extruder Aluminum Frame Block DIY Kit Makerbot Dedicated Single Nozzle Head

3D printer accessories,
MK8 Remote extruder aluminum block DIY kit,
Makerbot dedicated single nozzle,
Aluminum block built into frame
Aluminum lever/fulcrum
Idler wheel for 1.75mm filament
Extruder drive gear
High tension spring
Assembly screws

MK8 remote extruder step

1, the first bracket on the motor, note the direction Oh Meme da, and then on top of the motor shaft with a wrench black top wire in the motor shaft gear above 40

2, the black square aluminum block on top

3, the black screws on the motor, brackets, and square aluminum block

4, and then as long as the parts of the two screws SHCS

5, Shang Hao screws, and then set a small aluminum block section, the bearing shown in Figure put away, that fixed short flat head screws

6. After fixing, on a large aluminum block above the flat head screw fitting longish fixed wear pads

7. After fixing, then showing the operation

8, finally connect fittings on ok



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